To create a new Member and send them a Typsy invite you will need their first name, last name and email address.

To create a new Member and send them a Typsy invite:

1. Go to the Members page (under Settings).

2. Go to 'Create a new Member' (under Actions).

3. Fill in your Members details.

4. Associate the Member with one of your existing Groups/Venues.

5. Give the Member an existing Team that reflects their position in your business or school.

6. Give the Member a Job role. 

Typsy will be able to provide recommended courses and lessons for each member based on their Job role.

7. Check the tick box to send the member an invite and click 'Create'.

You can always send out Typsy invites later.

Typsy tip: Looking at uploading more than one member to Typsy? Learn how to use our Bulk Upload feature!

You can also customize the Typsy invite to make it more personal and engaging. Learn how here.

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