How do I complete the Bulk Upload process?

Format your upload data correctly to prevent any errors when uploading members to Typsy.

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💡 Tip: Only Account Admins have access to this feature. Find out more about Typsy’s account permissions here.

Check out this quick video on bulk upload!

Filling in your template

Requirements for all upload files

  • You must use the .xlsx template that you download from Typsy

  • Don’t edit or delete the first row in your spreadsheet. During the import process, Typsy will match this to properties on each member’s profile

  • All columns are mandatory and must be filled for a successful upload

  • For a member with multiple values in column D or E, add a semicolon after the first value, and then, between each additional value (value 1;value 2;value 3).
    For example, if you have a member who works in 3 Venues, you can insert all values for that member by including the following in the Venue/Group/ name column (column D) of your Excel file:
    Front desk;Housekeeping;Wine room

Example upload files

Below are examples of what your spreadsheet should look like:

For Organizations

For Learning institutions

Uploading your template

1. Go to Account and click Members in the drop-down.

2. Click Actions and select Bulk upload members.

3. Ensure that your template is set up correctly, then click Next.

4. Select a file or drag and drop it into the field on Typsy, then click Next.

5. Review your upload.

If any errors are shown, click the pencil and user icon next to the corresponding member. You can opt to edit one or all of the following:

  • The first name or last name of the member

  • The members' email address

  • The Venue(s) the member is associated with

  • The Team(s) the member is associated with

Once all errors have been fixed, click Save.

6. Click Next.

7. From your Venue, select the members you would like to set as a Manager.

Venues can also be called Groups, Classes, or Departments.

Once you have selected your managers, or if you don’t want to select a Manager, click Next.

8. Select Start uploading to begin the upload process.

Typsy tip:

Uploads can take a few minutes to complete. If processing appears to pause, try refreshing your browser. Once your upload is complete, you can opt to Bulk Invite your members to Typsy.

Need to give one or more members manager access to your account? Learn how here.

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