1. Go to the 'Pricing page' (via Sign up).

2. Select the Business plan type.

3. Select your billing plan.
We offer our plans in three ways: Free forever, Monthly billing, or Annual billing.

3.a. If you select Monthly or Annual billing, you will be prompted to select how many members and managers you would like added to your account.

4. Choose how you would like to login to Typsy once your account is created.

5. Fill in the pricing page form and select 'Create Account'.

Typsy tip:

Select your time zone so Typsy is optimized for you. This helps you keep track of when training is assigned, started, and completed.

If your address doesn't include a State, place an 'A' in the box.

If you have a coupon, don't forget to add in the discount code before checkout to reap the benefits straight away.

Explore more now on our website: Typsy.com

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