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Billing and subscriptions

Typsy pricing, invoices and more.

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Which subscription do I choose?Whether you are an individual, a hospitality business manager, or a school professor, we have a plan catered to all your training needs.
Plans and billing optionsTypsy subscriptions can be tailored to your needs which means your price will change depending on what you purchase.
How do I signup to Typsy?Helpful tips on how to setup your account on Typsy.
Will my credit card be charged if I sign up for a free trial?No fees. No lock-in contracts. Just full access to the Typsy content library free for 10-days!
Is tax included in the price when I buy a subscription?
How do I update my billing information or view invoices?Tips for viewing and updating your Typsy subscription details.
How do I cancel my subscription?
What do I do if my account is expired?Account expired? Contact us to get things back up and running.