How do I remove one or more members?

Have someone leave your organization? Reflect your team changes on Typsy by removing Members from the Members page under Account.

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Departing, or removing, one or more members from your account revokes their access to your organization's training or custom content videos. Departed members do not consume licenses and the license they hold will become available for another member to use and access Typsy.

Find out how to add or remove licenses from your account here.

Check out this quick video on departing members!

To depart one or more Members

1. Go to Account and click Members in the dropdown.

2. Go to Actions and click Bulk depart members.

3. Select the member(s) you would like to delete and click Depart selected members.

Typsy tip:

A departed member's training history is stored in Typsy unless requested to be removed by the user. If you add a departed member back into your account, you will be able to see their entire training history with your organization.

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