How do I create a Playlist?

Learn what a Playlist is and how to curate one from the Custom playlists page under Training.

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Playlists are a popular way of assigning a group of videos on a specific topic or skill to your members. A playlist consists of your own handpicked combination of Typsy lessons, courses and mentor sessions, and even your own custom content.

Check out this quick video on playlists!

To create a Playlist

1. Go to Training and click Custom playlists.

2. Go to Actions and click Create new playlist.

3. Choose whether you would like to design a playlist focusing on a job role (we'll automatically suggest content based on the job role you select) or select your own content to include.

4. Select the content you would like to include in your playlist.

You'll be able to see how long the playlist will be for your viewers in the top right of the screen.

5. Select the order in which you would like the content to appear to your members.

6. Give your Playlist a Name.

7. Give your Playlist a short Description.

8. Give your Playlist a label so you can find it more easily in your playlist library.

9. Set a status for your Playlist.
An Active Playlist will be assignable straight away.
A Draft Playlist will be accessible to edit but you cannot assign it as training.

10. Click Create.

Typsy tip:

Playlists work best when they can be watched in a manageable timeframe. Create a focused selection of items your Members can easily tick off. You are better off creating multiple playlists (with a few items) than one playlist with hours of content.

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