Check out this quick video on assigning training!

To assign training to your members:

1. Login to your account and go to your Managers site

2. Go to 'Training' and click 'Assign training'

3. Choose the audience you would like to assign the training to.

4. Choose the type of content you would like to assign.
On Typsy you can assign a single course, lesson or playlist. If you are looking at assigning more than one course or a selection of lessons, please create a playlist

5. Give your Training a title

6.  Set a start date and due date if your training needs to be completed by a specific date

A start date indicates when the training will become available for you Members to watch.
A due date indicates when the training should be completed by. 

Typsy will automatically notify your members by email and push notification on the start date of the training. If your members have not completed the training, they will receive a reminder notification by email and push notification a day before the training is due.

7. Check the 'Automatically assign new members' box if you would like Typsy to auto-assign this training item to all future members who join the audience criteria

8. Add a comment to your training

9. Review your training and click 'Assign'

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