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How do I change my email preferences?
How do I change my email preferences?

Email notifications are Typsy updates that you receive via email.

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To access your email notification preferences, go to your Profile and select the Email preferences tab.

Email notifications sent to you by Typsy include

Typsy Tribe updates:

See how our community members use and benefit from training with Typsy. View information about customers, products, blog articles, and more. Expect an email once a month.

New Course updates:

Never miss an update when we add a new course or mentor session. Expect an email once a fortnight.

Training Highlights:

Typsy Highlights are designed to provide you with valuable information on weekly activity in your account.

Training updates:

Receive notifications when you are assigned training by your manager, your training gets updated or becomes overdue.

Typsy tip:

The types of email notifications you receive depend on which Typsy subscription you're using. Individual subscription holders will not receive Training Complete Updates or Training Reminders.

Some Transactional emails are deemed essential to using Typsy. These emails include account activation, product maintenance alerts, payment receipts, profile updates, password resets, legal updates, assigned training, and employer-driven updates.

As a member of Typsy, you are unable to unsubscribe from these essential transactional emails. If you need to understand this further, please contact us to discuss your options.

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