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Requirements for all upload files

  • You must use the .csv template that you download from Typsy
  • Don’t edit or delete the first 2 rows in your spreadsheet. During the import process, Typsy will match these to properties on each member’s profile
  • All columns are mandatory and must be filled for a successful upload
  • For a member with multiple values in column D or E, add a semicolon after the first value, and then, between each additional value (value 1;value 2;value 3).
    For example, if you have a member who works in 3 Venues, you can insert all values for that member by including the following in the Venue/Group name column (column D) of your CSV:
    Front desk;Housekeeping;Wine room

Example upload files

Below are examples of what your spreadsheet should look like:

For Organizations

For Learning institutions

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