Venues and Groups are used interchangeably on Typsy. When you sign up to Typsy your account will automatically be set up to use Venues. If you would prefer to use Groups, please contact our Customer Success team.

If your account is optimized to use Groups, you can still follow the steps below. Please note, only Account Admins can create a Venue/Group.

To add or remove one or more members from a venue/group:

1. Click 'Venues' or 'Groups'

2. Select the venue/group you would like to add or remove members from.

3. Click 'Edit members' (under Actions).

4. Select any member from your organization that you’d like to add to the venue/group. If there are already members in the venue/group, scroll down to view members in your organization that are not currently in the group. These members are faded and un-ticked.

To remove a member, untick the box next to their name. Please note, all members of a Typsy for Business account must be associated with at least one venue/group.

5. Click 'Save changes'.

Typsy tip:

If a member doesn’t have a Typsy account yet, learn how to add a member here.

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