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Before inviting your members to Typsy, get them excited with our Pre-launch tools and tips!

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Our pre-launch communications are best practice tips and tricks for launching Typsy to all of your members. From downloadable resources to updating your Typsy invite email, find everything you need to get your team excited below.

Check out this quick video on Pre-launch communication!

After you have completed all of the pre-launch steps that fit your organization, it is time to add your members and invite them to the platform!

Pre-launch checklist for managers

The way you launch Typsy to your members does not have to be complicated - but it is important. Before you set off to invite your members to the platform, we have provided you with some tools to use to help get your members ready and excited for the launch of their new learning tool.

To ensure a smooth launch of online learning, download our checklist of tools to help you communicate to your members what Typsy is and what they need to do.

Pre-invite email template

Get your members engaged with Typsy by personally telling them about the benefits of learning online. Send this through your email, or normal organization-wide communication tool.

Pre-invite presentation

Share the Typsy pre-invite presentation PowerPoint with your members, during a meeting or online forum, to introduce everyone to their new learning tool.


Download our handy poster to help spread the word about Typsy.

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