What is my Typsy profile?

Your Typsy profile highlights your achievements, skills earned, and more!

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Your Typsy profile is where all of your badges earned and skills gained are stored. This profile is visible and can be shared publicly allowing you to share your Typsy achievements with your community and employers.

If you are a member of more than one Typsy workspace, your public profile will include all the achievements you have earned across all workspaces.

To access your Typsy profile

1. Login to the Member site.

2. Click on your profile image on the Dashboard or go to Profile (under your name).

3. Click View public profile.

You can now share your profile URL with your community.

Typsy tip:

Your Typsy profile is always available to you, even if you no longer use Typsy!

We find many Typsy members share their Typsy profiles with current or potential managers to showcase their hospitality skills.

To find out how to make changes to your profile including your profile image and about section, click here.

Explore more now on our website: Typsy.com

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