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Creating and editing Venues/Groups and Teams
What is the difference between a Venue/Group/Class/Department and Team?
What is the difference between a Venue/Group/Class/Department and Team?
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Every Typsy account is organized into individually manageable groups called Venues (or sometimes called Groups, Classes, or Departments). Venues are fully customizable to your business or school.

Venues are an account organizational tool designed to help you get reporting on a specific sub-group of your members and allow for a person or multiple people to help manage this subset of your members.

In this article, we'll use the word Venues, but in your account, you may be using Groups, Classes, or Departments. If your account is optimized to use Groups, Classes, or Departments, you can still follow the steps below.

How to use Venues

Don't be fooled by the word 'venue' here! Even if your establishment is in a single 'venue' you can utilize venues however you would like to subdivide your account.

For example, Jane is a manager of a single hotel, which has 10 departments. In order to segment her staff, Jane creates a Venue for each department on Typsy.

Jane can now assign training to one or all of the 10 Venues she has created within Typsy.

Venue managers

Venue managers are able to add new members to their venue, assign training to members of that venue, and add or depart members from their venue. However, this manager will not see any members in other venues within your account.

For example, Jane has created 10 Venues in Typsy based on the 10 departments within her hotel. She has created two venues, one called 'Front of House' and the other called 'Back of House'. Jane assigns her FOH manager to manage the Front of House venue on Typsy and her BOH manager to manage the Back of House venue on Typsy.


Teams allow you to further subdivide your members to assist with assigning training. Teams, like Venues, are fully customizable so you can name them however you would like.

How to use Teams

Teams are a great way to further segment members within your account.

For example, Jane is a manager of a single hotel, with a department called Housekeeping. Jane has created a venue in Typsy based on that department. However, she wants to segment this venue further to accommodate her housekeeping department hierarchy.

For Jane, her Housekeeping department includes room attendants, laundry attendants, and public area cleaners. In Typsy, Jane creates a Team for each level of her Housekeeping department.

Jane can also assign training to one or more of the Teams she has created within the Housekeeping Venue on Typsy.

Can someone be a manager of a team?

There is no such thing as a team manager within Typsy. Only Venues can have a manager. There is also limited reporting available at the team level, so it's best to create a separate Venue for each subunit of members you need reporting on and want to assign a manager to.

Typsy tip:

Every member on Typsy must belong to at least one venue and one team. It's possible for a member to belong to multiple venues and/or teams. A member can be a manager of one or more venues that they are a part of.

Academic accounts can use Venues/Groups/Classes/Departments and Teams in much the same way to sub-divide students. Venues can refer to campuses, classes, or the year the student is in. Teams can be used to separate students and faculty.

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