How do I make someone an Account Administrator?
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If you are an Account Administrator of your Typsy account, you can adjust the Admin permissions of other members within your account.

To find out who is an Account Admin in your Typsy account

There are two (2) ways to find out if someone already has Admin permissions in your Typsy account. You can either:

a. Go to Settings (under Account) and select the Administrators tab

b. Go to Members (under Account) and look for the symbol of a person with a crown next to one of your member's names:

To add or remove Admin permissions

1. Go to Members (under Account).

2. Select the member you want to edit.

3. Click Edit on the member's profile summary.

4. Toggle the Is an account admin switch to ON to enable Admin permissions.

Toggle the Is an account admin switch to OFF to disable Admin permissions.

5. Click Save.

Typsy tip:

Your account must always have at least one (1) Account Admin.

There are three (3) roles available on Typsy - Admin, Manager, and Member. You can find a full role breakdown here.

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