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How do I create a Demo Student Account?
How do I create a Demo Student Account?
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First, please note that you can now assign content to yourself to test, so if you just want to play parts of the game before your students you do not need to do this. However, some teachers want to see the entire student experience, so you can still create a demo account, as well!

Start on the class you want to add the Demo student to

First, you will need to have created a class. If you don't know how to do that, read this article. You can name it "Demo Class" and "Demo Course" or something similar.

Enter the class you want to edit by clicking on it from your Manage Classes tab.


Manually Add a Student Account

From there, choose "Manually Add" for how you want to Add Students to the class.


Use the "Add Student" button to create fields on the form to create a student account, and fill out the first and last name you want your demo student to use.


By default, "Auto-generate usernames and passwords for new students" is set to ON. With this, you do not need to come up with them. Once you hit "Save," the dashboard will show you the usernames and passwords it randomly generated for the student accounts.

If you turn this OFF, you will be given fields to enter your own usernames and passwords. Remember that they will have to be different than your teacher credentials.


Please note that you can only view a student account’s password immediately after it is created, so you will need to save this information now.

If you need to reset the password later, you can do so. Read more about how on this article.

Signing in With Your Demo Account

Log in with the demo student credentials. You only need to log into the game with this student account, not the online dashboard.

Stay logged into the online dashboard as your teacher account, and then you can easily assign content from your teacher account to your new demo student account!

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