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What happens when I bring a deal as a founder?
What happens when I bring a deal as a founder?
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When you submit an investment opportunity as a founder, you are asked if you already have some commitments in place (and would like to basically pool them together through our platform), or if you'd like us to show your startup around within our network.

In the first case, you can either invite your lead investor to set up the deal on the platform, or you can lead the deal yourself. It means that you or your lead investor will ultimately set up the deal as a "syndicator".

In the second case, we do the following:

  1. We do our own screening to see if your startup is investable. We may reach out to you for getting additional materials;

  2. If it meets our criteria, we show the opportunity to deal leads out of Uniborn network β€” VCs, syndicate leads and super angels. And we make intros for those interested in having a chat with you;

  3. Anyone (including us) may decide to set up and lead the deal on the platform.

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