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What the syndication process looks like
What the syndication process looks like
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It all begins with originating a deal (investment opportunity) on the platform. Any Uniborn member who is willing to lead the deal and possesses the necessary resources (skills, time, and a network of co-investors) can originate a deal.

Originate a deal

  • Navigate to the "Deal" section on the home screen of your mobile app;

  • Tap "Create";

  • Choose the "Syndicator" role;

  • Pick the target asset type (startup, fund, or other);

  • Get a unique link for submitting your deal.

You'll be offered to complete a form that includes the target asset description, deal terms, and other relevant details. If you already have a prepared memo, it typically takes only 5-10 minutes to create a new deal and share it with your co-investors.

Share a deal

Once the deal is set up and ready, you can share it with your co-investors. Before sharing, you'll be offered to choose the terms: you can either share default terms, or create customer terms for specific investors.

Tap "Share this deal" on your deal dashboard. You have two ways to share it:

  • Share via link. You can share this link with your pre-existing network by any means outside the platform. Please note, that two things are not allowed: sending a link via direct messages on Uniborn, and sending a link to more than 149 people per each EU country. This would violate our T&Cs and EU regulations, and we may have to remove your account from the platform.

  • Share with your Cartel. If you already have a Cartel where you are a lead or a co-lead, then you can share a deal with all Cartel members with a single tap. If you don't have one yet, you can create it and invite members to it for streamlining your subsequent syndications.

If the invitee is already a Uniborn member, the invitation link will direct them to the Uniborn app, where they can find the deal description. Otherwise, the link will open a web page with the deal description. In both cases, the invitee will have the option to review the memo and materials, as well as reserve their allocation.

Get commitments

Deal leads are given a three-day window to accept or decline each reservation. If no decision is made within this timeframe, the allocation is automatically accepted (reserved). Navigate to the "Track Investments" tab on the deal dashboard to track and manage investments.

Once the deadline or hard cap is reached, the deal progresses to the execution stage. At this point, we will contact you to obtain your final approval.


During the execution phase of the deal, the following steps are initiated:

  • First, we establish a dedicated SPV (a special purpose vehicle), and open a bank account for it. It may take about 48 hours;

  • Once the SPV is ready, the deal lead is invited to proceed to the mobile app for signing necessary documents and wiring funds based on their commitment.

  • Subsequently, all individuals who have reserved allocation are also invited to complete the same process.

  • Upon reaching the deadline or when all investors have successfully signed the documents and wired funds, we proceed to sign the documents and transfer the funds to the Target Asset according to the deal lead's instructions.

  • Closing documents are then provided to each investor through the "Docs" section of the deal, and the deal's status is changed to "Executed".

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