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Welcome to Uniborn πŸ‘‹
Welcome to Uniborn πŸ‘‹

An overview of what Uniborn is and who is it for

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What is Uniborn?

Uniborn is a social platform for next-gen venturers β€” think of LinkedIn for venturers with a bold infrastructure core inside. We created Uniborn to empower people to shape the future they believe in. We build tools that help to expand networks, source, share, co-fund, and amplify startups.

Our premiere product is Cartels β€” a social primitive that allows like-minded people get together to share and syndicate deals. Think of an investment club where any member gets access to its deal flow, can collaborate, conduct due diligence, and co-invest.

Why are we doing this?

We love efficiency, not lotteries. As founders, we prefer to focus on the product, not spending months on knocking investors’ doors. As investors, we want to be part of the future we believe in β€” back ambitious founders with aligned values, support them along the way, and get fairly rewarded. We build Uniborn to do just that.

We charge no membership fees and provide basic service at about their costs.

Who is Uniborn for?

The simple answer is for next-gen venturers β€” founders, operators, angel investors, scouts, and fund managers who believe in the value of collective intelligence.

While we strongly believe that millions of people will be falling into this category over time, we have to be very selective with accepting members at the early stages. That is to make sure that the foundation of Uniborn community is super strong and vibrant.

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