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An overview of the platform mechanics

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If you got a link with invitation to a Deal or a Cartel β€” just follow this link and skip step 1.

  1. GET AN INVITE. Access to Uniborn is granted by invitation only. You can either request an invitation from us on our website (or mobile app), or get an invite from any existing Uniborn member. In the former case the application goes through our screening. In the latter β€” you get access automatically without our pre-validation.

  2. DOWNLOAD THE APP. It's available both on Apple Store and Google Store.

  3. CREATE A PROFILE. You'll be asked a few questions in the app β€” these are to create your profile on the platform.

  4. FOLLOW OTHER MEMBERS. Uniborn is like a network of venturers. You're free to follow those who are of interest to you. Any time your followings post their stories, reserve allocations or lead deals β€” you'll be notified of that (except for cases when they opt to make those privately).

  5. JOIN CARTELS. Explore private investment clubs and request to join them. Be sure to send request only to Cartels that match your focus and you think Cartel leads would have a good reason to let you in.

  6. GET INVITED TO DEALS. As you get more connections and expand your membership across Cartels you'll be getting invited to review investment opportunities and reserve allocations in them.

  7. ADD VALUE. On the final step of reserving allocation you'll be asked to show what else you can offer to boost the project's growth. Some deals may carry sharing for value-add co-investors.

Any member can create their own Cartels, invite members and bring their deals to the platform as a founder, scout, or syndicator.

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