This document outlines the required and strongly recommended equipment and supplies needed in order to utilize Upright Lister and Upright Link.

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Required Equipment

Strongly Recommended Equipment

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Required Equipment

Label Printer(s)

  • One printer per processor/QA team member is required to print product barcodes

  • One printer per shipper is required to print shipping labels

The following are all supported label printer brands and models

  • Zebra GK420‚Äč (recommended)

  • Zebra GK420d

  • Zebra GK420T

  • Zebra ZP450

  • Zebra ZD620

  • Dymo 4XL

  • Dymo 450 Turbo

The Zebra ZP505 is NOT a supported label printer

The Dymo 450 Twin Turbo is NOT a supported printer

Operational Tip: The Zebra GK420 is the recommended printer for both barcodes and shipping labels for build quality, performance, and ease of maintenance.

Product Barcode Labels: 1-1/8" x 3-1/2"

This size label is used for two purposes:

  • Printing product barcode labels (done on an ongoing basis)

  • Printing inventory location labels (done once during initial transition to Lister)

Upright Labs recommends purchasing from Uline. As a note, the Uline description does not mention that Zebra is a compatible printer, but these labels ARE compatible with Zebra printers.

It is essential to purchase these labels in the portrait orientation, NOT landscape orientation (see images below)

Correct Orientation - Short Side Feeding Out

Incorrect Orientation - Long Side Feeding Out

Back of the Label

If you see a lot of black marks on the back of your label this will likely cause issues when trying to print. The black marks are used by the printer to determine where the label should stop.

Shipping Labels: 4" x 6"

  • This size label is used to print all shipping labels for outgoing orders

  • Upright Labs recommend purchasing from Uline.

1D or 2D Barcode Scanners

  • One barcode scanner per lister is required to scan barcode labels to pull up products in Upright Lister

  • One barcode scanner per shipper is required to scan order barcodes to allow for more streamlined shipping via Upright Lister

  • For separate packing and shipping stations, one barcode scanner and one laptop/tablet is required to use Pack Mode at packing stations

  • If your stores will be sending products to e-commerce on a digital manifest, one barcode scanner per processor/QA team member is needed to scan in manifests

  • Amazon offers a wide selection, and any 1D or 2D barcode scanner will work, but this one is well rated


  • One scale per shipper is required to weigh products during intake. All packages must be weighed for accurate shipping rates

  • All Mettler Toledo (recommended) and Dymo scales are supported

  • Listers may also use a Dymo or Mettler Toledo scale to automatically pull in weights during the listing process

Strongly Recommended Equipment


  • One computer or tablet per store is strongly recommended to create digital manifests in Upright Lister and ensure accurate reporting and seamless processing at e-commerce

  • One regular office printer per store is recommended to print out an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper with a manifest barcode which allows e-commerce to quickly pull up the manifest when processing

  • One label printer per store is recommended as an alternative to a regular office printer to print out manifest barcodes instead of printing 8.5 x 11 manifest sheets

    • Operational Tip: This is a great option for stores that want to label the outside of a bin or tote without revealing the contents inside it. This barcode can then be used by the e-commerce team to easily scan the barcode and pull up the manifest details in Lister.


Upright Labs recommends using Upright Link, our mobile application, for all photography. Upright Link is supported on any Apple device with an operating system of iOS 13 or later. Below are recommendations for specific types of devices:

  • Non-jewelry photography: One iPod 7 or newer per photographer

  • Jewelry photography: One iPhone 8 or newer per photographer

We recommend purchasing on Apple, if available, as it comes with a 1 yr warranty. Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon are suitable alternatives.

Inventory Putaway

We recommend one or many Inventory Putaway Rolling Cart(s), depending on the size of your operation. These allow for easy movement of products from listing to inventory and from inventory to shipping. Global Industrial offers a sturdy cart.

There are three ways to put away inventory with Lister/Link and each requires different types of equipment.

Bulk putaway with Lister

Great if you have a lot of inventory space and tend to put multiple products into the same inventory location. Equipment needed:

  • 1D or 2D Barcode Scanner (see section above for recommendations)

  • Tablet or laptop - no specifications on requirements, as long as the device can access the internet it will be compatible with Lister

Individual putaway or Bulk Reshelf with Link

Individual putaway within Link is great if you want to confirm an item is being returned to the original shelf it was assigned at the listing step. Great for small operations with limited inventory space.

Bulk Reshelf is our recommended method for inventory putaway as it provides the most flexibility for your operation!

Click here to learn more about Bulk Reshelf with Link

Equipment needed:

  • Apple device with iOS 13 or later operating system (see Photography/Listing section above)

  • Link comes with a built-in barcode scanner, but you can optionally purchase a separate scanning device. See the list of supported scanners HERE


We recommend having one standard office printer to print out pack slips for customer orders, USPS scan forms, and packing control sheets for Pack Mode

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