• Click 'Purge' to remove products that aren't selling

  • Search for and purge any recycled items

  • Guide you through the warehouse to clear out unwanted inventory

  • Only unlisted items without open orders are purgeable

How to purge an item

Before purging, be sure the product has all Required Postings Fields filled in. These fields must be completed to purge an item.

  1. Select 'Purge' on the main dashboard

  2. All recycled products will appear

  3. Click the blue button below the photos to purge them - this guarantees only purgeable items are being removed from inventory

  4. You'll have to scan the item's respective barcode to confirm - if the barcode matches, the system will guide you to the next item to purge

Note: If the barcode does not match, you will not be able to purge the item

Where can I find out who recycled an item?

  • Lister will show you who recycled items on the product's feed in the 'Products' page

Purging through the search feature

  • Click search on the main dashboard

  • Click the dropdown menu in the top right corner

  • Select and filter by 'Recycled only'

  • Select the recycled product you'd like to purge

  • Click the 'Purge' button with the trash icon

  • Click 'Purge' to confirm the purge

  • Click 'Unpurge' if you'd like to bring back an item

What do I do once I have purged an item?

  • Purged items are able to be sent back to your suppliers or discarded. Once you have purged an item, we suggest you remove it from your warehouse shelf

How do I un-purge an item?

  • You can only bring back a purged item right after you confirm a purge of a recycled item found using the search feature

  • Note: You can not un-purge an item after exiting the product page

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