How to Setup Ring Scanners with Link
We'll show you how to connect your ring scanner to Link via Bluetooth
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A ring scanner is a great add-on to Link for inventory management. Using a ring scanner with Link helps increase the speed of scanning and is more ergonomically friendly than using the built-in camera app. This article outlines how to connect a ring scanner to Link using Bluetooth.

Having trouble with a connected ring scanner? Check our troubleshooting guide here.

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Supported Scanners

The Link app supports two models of Eyoyo ring scanners, both of which have the same setup with Link.

Right: Upgraded Eyoyo 1D Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner. Left: Eyoyo 1D Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner

These scanners can be purchased on Amazon, and either one will work. Purchase links below:

Step 1: Turn On Bluetooth on iOS Device

To get started connecting your ring scanner to Link, make sure you have access to an iOS device running Link as well as your ring scanner.

  1. Open your iOS device and navigate to Settings

  2. Scroll down and tap “Bluetooth”

  3. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled

Step 2: Enable Pairing Mode on Ring Scanner

  1. With your scanner in hand, tap the button on the side once to turn on, it should beep once

  2. Once turned on, hold down the button on the side of the scanner for 8-10 seconds until you hear the scanner beep

  3. At this point, let go of the button, and the scanner will start flashing. Your scanner is now in "pairing" mode

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Step 3: Pair Ring Scanner with iOS Device

  1. As the scanner is flashing and in pairing mode, go back to your iOS device's Bluetooth settings, the ring scanner should appear there as its model name. Tap to pair it to your iOS device

  2. Once paired, “Connected” will show next to the model name. Your app will now remember the scanner each time it's turned on!

Note: The name of the ring scanner may be different than below. We have seen everything from "Barcode Scanner HID" to "EY-XXXXX-XXX".

Step 4: Enabling Ring Scanner in Link

  1. Open the Link app and login

  2. Scroll down on the dashboard and tap “Settings”

  3. Tap “Scanner Setup”

  4. Set your scanner mode to "Bluetooth scanner"

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Step 5: Test Ring Scanner

  1. Scan a barcode while on the scanner setup page. If you see the prompt below, things are working!

  2. Tap the X icon in the top right corner of the screen to return to the dashboard

At this point, you're all set and ready to go! Link will remember your selection, you only need to do this once per device.

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