Using Upright Link to photograph products is a key component of listing products online. Link streamlines the process of adding high-quality eye-catching pictures with an iOS device.

This article walks through the steps for using Upright Link to take and edit pictures and using Lister's built-in photo editor for editing photos in a desktop environment. Finally, we've included some photography best practices to maximize the visual appeal of marketplace listings.

Table Of Contents

Navigating Upright Link: New Product vs. Draft Items

How to Take Photos in Link

How to Rearrange, Edit, and Remove Pictures Using Link

How to Edit Pictures in Lister

How to Add Pictures Taken Outside of Link

Recommended Photography Best Practices

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Navigating Upright Link: Draft Items vs. New product

Draft items with barcode (Recommended)

  • If items are manifested and have product barcodes, tap the scanner icon to pull up the draft and add photos

  • Operational Tip: If you’re using Ring Scanners, scan the barcode from the dashboard to bring up the item instantly!

Image 9-27-2021 at 7.18 AM

Draft Items Without Barcode (Rare)

  • If a manifested item doesn't have a product barcode, or the barcode is unreadable, scroll down and tap the search button to find the item

  • Operational Tip: Barcodes are a vital part of an effective workflow. If a barcode is damaged/unreadable, reprint a new one to save time and potential errors. Click here to learn about barcoding in your operation

Image 9-28-2021 at 6.16 AM
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New Item Without Manifest

  • Tapping "New Product" will begin the process of creating a brand new product that is not connected to a manifest.

  • If you are photographing an item that has not been added to a manifest and does not have a product barcode, you can create a new draft product in Link by clicking "New Product.

  • Operational Tip: If all items are manifested, provide training to staff to avoid using this button

How to Take Photos in Link

  • From the "Edit Product" page, touch the "Tap to open camera" button

  • Place item in a well-lit area

    • Operational Tip: Photography Lightboxes come in lots of sizes and are great for taking professional-looking pictures

  • Tap the circle button at the bottom of the page to take pictures

  • Optional: tap the lightning icon to enable flash

  • To zoom in, pinch, and pull the screen

  • Tap "Use photos" in top right corner to save photos

  • Tap "Cancel" in top left corner to discard all photos

Video Guide: How to Take Photos in Link

The following video demonstrates how to find a draft product in Link using a product barcode, take pictures and zoom in/out.

How to Rearrange, Edit, and Remove Pictures Using Link

After initial photos are taken, the following sections outline what edits can be made directly in Link if additional editing is required.

How to Rearrange Pictures

  • Tap and hold a picture, then drag to rearrange the order

  • Tap "Save" in the top right corner once done

How to Crop and Rotate Pictures

  • Click on the uploaded photo and tap "Edit"

  • Tap "Transform"

  • Tap the rotate icon to rotate 90 degrees

    • Use the slider to set rotation manually

    • Tap the flip icon to flip image

  • Drag the white border to crop your photo or select one of the preset options

  • The following crop options can be chosen from the slider at the bottom of the screen:

    • Custom

    • Square

    • 16:9 ratio

    • 4:3 ratio

    • 3:2 ratio

  • Tap the checkmark in the lower right corner to confirm changes

How to Filter and Adjust Pictures

  • Click "Adjust" to adjust image brightness, clarity, saturation, etc.

  • Click the checkmark in the bottom right corner after completing adjustments

  • The following adjustments can be made:

    • Brightness

    • Contrast

    • Saturation

    • Clarity

    • Shadows

    • Highlights

    • Exposure

    • Gama

    • Black

    • White

    • Temperature

    • Sharpness

How to Undo and Redo Edits

  • If you don't like a change you made, click the curved arrows to undo or redo changes

  • Once you complete all of your changes, click the down arrow in the bottom right corner to save the product and go back to the product page

How to Delete and Remove Unwanted Pictures

  • From the edit products page, tap photos to be removed

  • Tap "Remove"

  • Tap "Save" in the top right corner to confirm delete

  • Caution: Deleted pictures cannot be recovered

Video Guide: How to Edit and Remove Photos in Link

The following video demonstrates each of the edit functions within Link described above.

How to Edit Pictures in Lister

How to Open the Lister Photo Editor

  • From the edit Listing or Product page, click the pencil icon in the lower right corner of the picture thumbnail to open photo editor

How To Crop Pictures

  • Select one of the preset crop ratios from the bottom photo editor

  • Click and drag corners of the picture to crop manually

  • Enter the desired width and height in pixels in the fields above the preset crop options. We recommend a minimum of 500 by 500


How to Rotate and Flip Pictures

From the main Product or Listing page:

  • Click the rotate icon at the top of the image

Image 11-2-2021 at 6.51 AM

From the photo editor:

  • Click "Flip and Rotate"

  • Use the slider above the preset crop sizes to manually rotate image

  • Click rotate icons to rotate image 90°

  • Click flip icons to flip image horizontally or vertically


How to Transform Pictures

  • Select from Transformation to crop and rotate the image

  • Select Adjust to change the following properties:

  1. Brightness

  2. Contrast

  3. Saturation

  4. Gama

  5. Clarity

  6. Shadow

  7. Highlights

  8. Exposure


How to Save and Undo Edits From Photo Editor

  • Click "Save image" from photo editor to save adjustments

  • Click "Cancel" from photo editor to revert all adjustments


How to Undo and Continue Editing From Product Page or Listing Page

  • Click the undo icon to revert all changes made to picture. Note: Once "Save" is pressed from Product or Listing page, edits cannot be undone

  • Click the pencil icon to continue editing picture


How to Rearrange and Delete Pictures

  • Rearrange the order of photos by holding down on the photo you'd like to move and dragging it to a different position

  • Delete pictures by clicking “X” icon in top right corner of thumbnail

How to Add Pictures Taken Outside of Link

  • If pictures were taken on a device’s native camera app, they can be uploaded to Link via the “Add from my photo library” button

  • Operational tip: Pictures taken inside of Link are stored in the cloud, whereas pictures taken on a devices’ native camera app are stored locally. This may result in device storage filling up if images aren’t later deleted from the device.

  • To add pictures in Lister, drag and drop files onto photo uploader, or click the box and upload them from your computer.

  • Please note Shopgoodwill has a maximum image size of 1600x1600 pixels. The maximum size of an image file for all eBay listings is 12mb.

    • If images are not uploading please clear your browser cache and cookies.

    • If the issue persists please contact us via chat by clicking the speech bubble button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Recommended Photography Best Practices

Buyers love seeing all sides of an item they're bidding on, large photos and close-ups of imperfections, and manufacturer/designer logos.

Here are some photography tips for various product types that can help increase the quality of listings, increase ASP (average selling price), and lower customer support questions.

General Tips

  • Take pictures in a well-lit area or lightbox to avoid shadowy/dark pictures

  • For glassware and see-through items, consider using a black backdrop to highlight item details

  • Try to remain steady when taking pictures to avoid blurry images

  • Rotate images so they are centered in frame

  • Avoid taking pictures of anything that's not included in the auction

  • Use the zoom feature instead of physically moving camera closer to objects to avoid shadows

  • Avoid using stock images from web searches, manufacturer websites, third-party listings, or other sources without specific permission from the content owner. Doing so without permission could violate copyright laws.


  • Picture of front and back of item

  • Picture of designer label tag

  • Picture of sizing tag (if present)

  • Picture of fabric contents (if present)

  • Picture of care instructions (if present)

  • Close-up of any imperfections/stains

Collectibles/Wares/Hard Goods

  • At least six pictures, one of each side of the product

  • Close-up of any logos/designer names/signatures

  • Close-up of any noticeable imperfections/damages

  • Close-up of serial numbers

Consumer Electronics

  • At least six pictures, one of each side of the product

  • Close-up of any Manufacturer/model names

  • Close-up of any noticeable imperfections/damages

  • Close-up of any I/O ports

  • Cell phones: Picture of IMEI (usually found in settings)

  • Computers: Powered on in BIOS page

  • AVOID: Pictures of activation codes (Microsoft Windows activation stickers, video game activation codes, etc.) as these can be used to activate products without purchasing the item


  • Pictures of item from multiple angles

  • Close-up picture of any metal purity marking (14k, 18k, 925, Sterling, etc.)

  • Close-up picture of any designer stamp/engravings

  • Use a black jewelry display to showcase item


  • First picture should clearly show everything included

    • For bulk items by weight, consider picture of item on scales

  • Close-up of smaller groups of items from lot

  • Close-up of any distinct/well-known manufacturer/designer markings

  • Close-up of any imperfections/damages

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