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How to Use Manifest Tracking (for Stores)
How to Use Manifest Tracking (for Stores)

Guide for stores on how to use and update manifest statues to track delivery of items to e-commerce

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Manifest statuses are designed to provide greater transparency during the transfer of goods from stores to e-commerce to better understand operational bottlenecks and help reduce loss.

This article walks through how stores can use manifest tracking features. To begin, we recommend reviewing our help center article on How to Create, Edit & Print Manifests (for stores).

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Manifest Statuses

A manifest is a digital list of items from a store being sent to e-commerce to sell online. Each manifest has a status that represents where it is in the supply chain as it progresses from stores to being listed online.

  • Created: Represents a manifest that has been started but may not be ready for transfer to e-commerce

  • Ready for Pickup: Used by store teams to indicate that the manifest is ready to be shipped to e-commerce for processing

  • In Transit: Indicates the manifest has been collected by the transportation team and is on the way to e-commerce

  • Received: Used by e-commerce teams to indicate that the manifest has arrived at the facility

  • Missing: If a manifest can’t be found, stores, drivers, or e-commerce can mark the manifest as missing to help with loss prevention investigations

    • In addition, e-commerce can mark individual items as missing from within a manifest

  • Partially Processed: A manifest received by e-commerce and being inspected

  • Processed: A manifest that has been fully inspected by e-commerce

How to Mark a Single Manifest Ready for Pickup or Missing

After a manifest has been created by a store and it’s ready to be picked up by a driver, store teams can update the status to “Ready for Pickup.” If the manifest can’t be found it can be marked “Missing”

Store Users: Click the “Mark Ready for Pickup” or “Missing” button

Store Managers: Click the “Update Status” button to select a status (Created, Ready for Pickup, In Transit, Missing)

How to Mark Multiple Manifests Ready for Pickup or Missing

Manifests can be updated in bulk to “Ready for Pickup” from the Manifest overview page.

Store Users: Click the checkboxes next to each manifest to be updated, then click “Mark Ready for Pickup” from the top action menu

Store Managers: Click the checkboxes next to each manifest to be updated, then click the “Update status” button and select the desired status

💡Operational Tip: If drivers do not have access to Lister or Link, store managers can update manifests to in transit so that e-commerce teams are aware the items are en route and store teams know the item is not supposed to be in store.

How to Use and Print Manifest Scan Forms

Some teams may have large amounts of manifests to transport and may need a faster way to scan items in. The pickup scan form is designed to allow a user to scan one barcode and update the status of multiple manifests.

Manifest scan forms are printed via a standard office printer, and connect multiple manifests to one barcode that can be used to update the associated manifests to "Ready for Pickup."

Drivers can then use the Lister iOS companion app, Link, to scan manifest barcodes of manifest scan forms to bulk update manifests to “In Transit”

💡Operational Tip: Manifest Scan Forms work best for teams who put multiple totes on a pallet and shrink wrapping it before being shipped to e-commerce.

Teams that don’t shrink wrap totes to pallets prior to transportation to e-commerce should take measures to ensure that a single manifest within the scan form can't get left behind when transferring shipments to e-commerce teams.

  • From the Manifest overview page, click the checkboxes on each manifest that will be shipped to e-commerce on the same truck

  • Click “Print Scan Form” to print out the scan form via a standard office printer

  • Once printed, all manifests that were in the “Created” state will automatically be updated to “Ready for Pickup”

  • The printed Scan Form has barcodes of each manifest in the shipment and a “Quick Scan” barcode that can control the status of each connected manifest

  • Upon pickup, drivers can scan the top “Quick Scan” barcode in Link to mark all connected manifests to “In Transit”

How to Track Manifest Transfers

The Manifest overview page shows the current status of each manifest. Use the “Status” filter to select the desired status.

Manifest Statuses Overrides

  • Once a manifest is marked as “In Transit”, only a store manager or e-commerce admin can override the status back to “Created” or “Ready for Pickup”

  • Anyone can change a manifest from a status of “Missing” to another status level they have access to

  • Partially Processed and Processed manifests can’t be changed to an earlier state

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