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How can seniors / elders get stronger despite old age?
How can seniors / elders get stronger despite old age?

A guide for elders who want to get stronger, improve balance, and maintain independence.

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If you are an older adult looking to get stronger and more flexible, you are making a good decision and are in the right place. If you are a son or daughter looking for resources to help your aging parent, you're also making a great choice and are in the right place.

Here you'll find videos to help you address many common challenges that arise as we age.

Getting Started

Posture and Daily Life

You'll also want to check out this article for resources to help you get down to the floor and back up from the floor!

Solid Sleep

How to Improve Balance

Fall Safety and Practical Prevention

These videos cover PRACTICAL advice for dealing with the specter of falls. If you have been annoyed by conventional advice to embrace canes, walkers, and staying on your butt 24 hours a day, you'll appreciate these videos.

Basic Strengthening

Knee Pain

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