There are two ways to recruit participants with Useberry. From your audience by sharing a link or by ordering participants from the Participant pool. This article focuses on ordering participants from the Participant pool.

Creating a target audience

First, you need to create a project and set up your study. After that, navigate to the share tab and click on the "Create target audience" button.

Once you click the button, a modal stepper will appear on your screen with the following actions to be performed:

  1. Agree to terms of service
    Every study that you take live on the Participant pool should follow our terms of service.

  2. Select the supported devices for this study
    Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.

  3. Finally, set up the target audience settings

    1. Target audience name:
      The name of your target audience.

    2. Study duration:
      How long should it take for an average respondent to take this study?

    3. Participants:
      The total number of participants required in this target audience.

Click the "Save and Define Attributes" button and your target audience will be created successfully!

Now you can set the targeting attributes you need. From the left panel of the screen, you can choose from a plethora of targeting attributes. When a target audience is created, it is in "Draft" status. Check the target audience status definitions here.

Paying for a target audience

The last two steps to take your target audience live and start collecting responses are the "Save & get estimates" and the "Launch" actions.

Save & get estimates

Once you are finished adding targeting attributes to your target audience, you can click the button "Save & get estimates" to view the credits per participant and the estimated total credits required for this target audience.


If you have the required amount of credits you can click the "Launch" button to take your target audience live. Otherwise, you can buy more credits choosing from our packages.

After clicking launch, the target audience will be in "Live" status.

Congrats! Your target audience is live and collecting responses. From the share page, you can check its performance.

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