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New Clients (Using CM Local) - How to Integrate with Condo Manager
New Clients (Using CM Local) - How to Integrate with Condo Manager

In this article we will show you how to integrate Usewalter with Condo Manager.

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Step 1: Setup Publishing

After you open Condo Manager, the first step is to set up "Publishing" - this means that Condo Manager will export all the updates that you've done on a certain schedule.

To set up "Publishing" you first click on "Configuration" on the left and then you click on "My Settings".

Next, under the "Website" tab you need to activate these two checkmarks:

  • Activate scheduled web publishing

  • Do not wait for user confirmation before starting web publishing

Below that you can set up the schedule for publishing, so here you want to set this to 1 day and we will leave the time to 12:00am.

Step 2: Global Settings

Next we want to exit out of "My Settings" and go to "Global Settings".

Under the "Web" tab we need to change the default website provider to "My Usewalter".

And then under "Other website service configuration information" you also need to set this to "My Usewalter". Depending on your property management company we will provide you with a number and a password that you can put into this section.

Next you want to click "Test Website Configuration" and then you should see a confirmation message that everything is set up properly.

Step 3: Choose Corporations

Next we need to decide which corporation you actually want to be published.

To do this, you go to "Information" on the left and then click on "Corporation / Syndicat" and go to the "Others" tab. Here at the bottom you will see "Web site publishing" and you want to make sure that this field is checked "This corporation's data must be published on the web" and set the "web site service provider" to "My Usewalter".

Step 4: Manual Data Push

This part is optional, but if you want to manually push data right away from Condo Manager, this is how you do it.

First, you click on "Web" on the left and then go to "web publishing assistant", and you want to click on "No" if a popup appears.

In the left part, select the Syndicate that you want to integrate with Usewalter and then click on "Add Selected."

The syndicate(s) you have selected should now be placed in the table on the right.

Next you want to click on next step, and then click on next step again.

Finally, click "publish" and it should then take 2-3 minutes.

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