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New Clients (Hopem) - How to Integrate
New Clients (Hopem) - How to Integrate

Here's how you can benefit from Hopem's integration with Usewalter

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Step 1 - Express interest to Hopem via email

Step 2 - Hopem representative will reach out to you

  • You will be contacted within 24H

  • The representative will discuss pricing and validate your consent before connecting your account to the API

  • Once the integration is set up (takes 5-10 days after signature), Hopem will advise you that your data is now available in the Usewalter platform

Step 3 - Set up your account with Usewalter:

  • One of our representative will finalize your onboarding with Usewalter

* Please note that the API cost may vary so the Hopem representative will give you this information.

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