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Existing Clients (CM Local) - Adding a Project/Building/Syndicat
Existing Clients (CM Local) - Adding a Project/Building/Syndicat

If you already have a Usewalter account and want to add a new project to your account, here is how you can do it!

Written by Stéphanie Clement
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Allow the transfer for a specific project/building

In Condo Manager, go here:Open Corporation > "Choose the Corporation you want to add to Usewalter" > Information > Corporation > Other Tab

Under the Other Tab

  • Check the box "this corporation's data must be published on the web"

  • In the "web site services provider for this corporation" section - select My Usewalter in the dropdown list

  • Click on "Save"

If you want to manually push data right away from Condo Manager, this is how you do it.

First, you click on "Web" on the left and then go to "web publishing assistant", and you want to click on "No" if a popup appears.

In the left part, select the Syndicate that you want to integrate with Usewalter and then click on "Add Selected."

The syndicate(s) you have selected should now be placed in the table on the right.

Next you want to click on next step, and then click on next step again.

Finally, click "publish" and it should then take 2-3 minutes.

IMPORTANT: Please inform your account manager before to remove the project from billing

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