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Existing Clients (CM Local) - How to publish data on CM to be synced by Walter platform
Existing Clients (CM Local) - How to publish data on CM to be synced by Walter platform

Here is 2 ways you can make sure your new data in CM is ready to be synced in Walter

Written by Stéphanie Clement
Updated over a week ago

*IMPORTANT* In both cases, please remember that the publishing of this information will not be immediately synced with Walter.

Option 1: Semi-Automatic Daily Sync

After you open Condo Manager, you need to set up "Publishing" - this means that Condo Manager will export all the updates that you've done on a certain schedule.

To set up "Publishing" you first click on "Configuration" on the left and then you click on "My Settings".

Next, under the "Website" tab you need to activate these two checkmarks:

  • Activate scheduled web publishing

  • Do not wait for user confirmation before starting web publishing

Below that you can set up the schedule for publishing, so here you want to set this to 1 day and decide at what time you want to be prompted by Condo Manager to do the publishing.

For example, if you choose 1pm, Condo Manager will send you a notification asking you to accept the publishing at 1pm. This action will take 5 minutes to complete.

Option 2: Manual data publishing

Please repeat this step every time you want to publish new information in Condo Manager for Walter to Sync.

First, you click on "Web" on the left and then go to "web publishing assistant", and you want to click on "No" if a popup appears.

In the left part, select the Syndicate that you want to integrate with Usewalter and then click on "Add Selected."

The syndicate(s) you have selected should now be placed in the table on the right.

Next you want to click on next step, and then click on next step again.

Finally, click "publish" and it should then take 2-3 minutes.

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