New Clients (Magex) - How to Integrate

Here's how you can benefit from Magex's integration with Usewalter

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1 - Login to your Magex platform (Condo Expert / Proprio Expert or Bail Expert) and follow those steps:

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  • Click on "Gestion portails locatifs" from your dashboard.

  • In the "Sélectionner les unités" section, make sure to uncheck "Unités publiées" and to check "Loué" as well as "Vacant" (otherwise, not all your units will be published in Usewalter).

  • In the "partenaire" section, check "Usewalter", a pop-up will appear, click on "Oui" and "ok".

  • Finally, click on "Publier unités" at the top-hand corner.

Please note that you must be using the Web version of Proprio / Condo / Bail Expert to benefit from the integration. You can speak with a Magex representative to transitition to the web version if you are currently using the Desktop version.

2 - Once those steps are completed, Magex will automatically synchronize your data with Usewalter.

3 - When the data is available in the Usewalter platform, a Usewalter representative will contact you to finalize your onboarding.

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