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Packages - How to use the filters - PM

Here is how you can find a package using the filters

Written by Stéphanie Clement
Updated over a week ago

By default, the packages section will open showing the packages that have the status of "at reception".

How To

  • Title (00:12)

    Enter specific words in this search bar to view the packages that contain these words in the title.

    Example: When I create the packages, I always put the unit number in the title. In this filter, I'll enter "unit 001" to view all the packages that have this word combination in the title.

  • Created On (00:26)

    Choose the date on which the package was created to only view the packages created on a specific date.

    Example: We received a lot of packages on June 2nd, 2021. I would like to see all the different packages that were created on this date.

  • Status (00:37)

    Choose the status of the packages you want to view in the package section

    Example: We have a lot of packages at reception and I want to make sure we have them all in the system. By entering the status "at reception" I can double check and make sure they are all accounted for.

  • Resident (01:00)

    Choose a specific resident to see his history of packages

    Example: A certain resident is asking us for updates on his package. In the "resident" filter, we can enter his name to see all the packages related to him/her.

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