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Task - How to fill in the task information - PM
Task - How to fill in the task information - PM

Here is what the different task information means

Written by Stéphanie Clement
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How to ?

  • Enter the title of the task

Best Practice: Keep it simple and name it something that best describes the task at hand

  • Choose the category of your new task

Best Practice: Make sure you set up categories that make sense to enhance your search and filter options

  • Choose a status for the new task

Note: You can also drag and drop directly on your board!

  • Assign it to one or more of your colleagues

  • Associate the task to a several residents, units or groups that are affected

Best Practice: Take the time to assign and associate - the different parties will be updated, saving you a couple back and forth

  • Decide the priority of your task (urgent, high, low)

Best Practice: Make sure the more important projects are under urgent so you can better filter out your results!

  • Enter the details/description of the task to do

Best Practice: Give as much information as you can to your assignees!

  • Input the relevant documents in regards to the task

  • Click Create!

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