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Here is how you can use th filters to better navigate the task section

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When you open the task section at first, you will have to decide which filter works best for you. The filters you last closed your Usewalter session on should be the ones that re-appear at the start of a new session.

Note: the filters are interoperable

On the left hand side, there is a search bar and different filters


In here, enter the ID, the title, the category or any other relevant information to narrow down your tasks on your board.


By opening this filter, you will be able to choose what tasks will be displayed according to their category.

Ex: I want to see the plumbing request a resident sent me last week


By clicking on one or several of the priorities to choose what will be displayed on your screen accordingly.

Assigned to

With this filter, you can choose to restrain the view of tasks depending on who is working on them. For example, you can click on "my tasks" to only view those.


Choose the status of the tasks in which you want to view the tasks on your screen.

Ex: i want to follow up on a task that is "awaiting approval" from the board members


If you know that the task is only for a certain resident and you associated it to him, narrow your view by adding the resident in the filter


You can also view the tasks in relation to a specific unit

Ex: We created a task for unit 101 last week so I need to find it quickly and follow up on it


Certain task could only be for a certain group. By entering this group in the task menu, you can find them easily

Ex: I associate my tasks to my board members for approval and want to see that task.

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