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Amount Fields: Updates & Math in Cell
Amount Fields: Updates & Math in Cell

Modifying Total and Group Posting amounts and math formulas in amount cell

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There are a few different fields where amounts can be updated in as well as a built-in simple math calculator for you.

Total Amount:

At the header line, the Total Amount field can be updated to the correct amount.

If there is a single GL account + dimension combo, a plug will appear at the bottom of the GL account field pre-populated with the existing GL account data.

If there are multiple GL account + dimension combos, a plug with a blank GL account will be created, so that you can assign it to an existing GL or a new one.

Group Posting Amount:

If the amount field is updated at the group level, a plug will appear at the bottom of the section that copies existing GL account and dimension data.

Math in Amount Cell

If you need to code a split manually, you can perform simple math operations in any amount cell. Use the symbols below and will perform the calculations for you! Please note, the math follows standard Order of Operation, where multiplication and division calculations are performed before addition or subtraction.

  • Addition: +

  • Subtraction: -

  • Multiplication: *

  • Division: /

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