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Full steam ahead on automating Accounts Payable!

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What is Autopilot?

Your AI predicts everything top to bottom on a document from vendor, invoice number, invoice date and due date, payment terms, PO number, GL accounts, and any dimensions in use such as Customer, Location, Class, or Department among others.

Autopilot is the AI being confident in its predictions, with an accuracy rate greater than 95%.

Now we’ll discuss the variable Autopilot configurations that will provide you automation and save you time!

Readiness for Autopilot

Readiness for Autopilot is determined by a number of factors, which include quantity of invoices processed on, frequency of corrections to invoices, and other data points that will vary from company to company. monitors performance and will notify you when you’re ready for Autopilot! Below are some factors that may disqualify a company from achieving Autopilot, but we’ll continue to improve to increase eligibility for all. Currently, using any of the following features may disqualify you from some part of AutoPilot, AutoPost, or AutoExport.

Possible Disqualifiers:

  • Using Group of Companies configuration

  • High percentage of foreign currencies (not USD, NOK, or SEK)

  • Credit Notes (processing is not Autopiloted, Auto post or Auto export works)

  • High volume of foreign vendors

  • Custom dimensions may make you ineligible

  • Use local S3 export

There are additional safeguards in place for invoices or workflows that do not yet benefit from full AI automation to ensure they are not Autopiloted:

  • Invoices from vendors with foreign currencies

Auto Post & Auto Export (using approvals)

This time-saving feature means that for every fully approved document, will post or export to the connected system.

Your team doesn’t do anything beyond approving!

To enable AutoPost or AutoExport, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support via in-app chat.

Note, the invoice does not need to be Autopiloted, just fully approved. Any invoices that have an error in posting/exporting to the connected system, such as being in a closed period or missing a required field will need to be corrected and the process started again manually. Your team can create a View to see errors to remediate.

Much like chocolate and wine, this pairs even better with Autopilot, as Autopiloted invoices only require human touch for approvals!

Use of heuristic rules

You acknowledge and agree that the Autopilot Tool uses heuristic rules to automate the invoice approval, posting and exporting processes via the subscription services. Heuristic rules can be effective in many contexts, such as identifying common errors or discrepancies in invoices, and can help improve the speed and efficiency of the invoice processing workflow. However, as our heuristic rules are based on general guidelines and principles, they are not foolproof and they may not always produce accurate or optimal results.

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