Duplicate Detection

Learn how duplicates are detected and flagged within Vic.ai

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Vic.ai will help you to detect duplicate invoices upon ingestion into our system.

To determine if there is a duplicate, the system looks for an exact match on the following three fields:

  • Document type (bill or vendor credit)

  • Vendor

  • Invoice number

  • Company* (*Specific to Group of Companies Configuration)

Duplicate Information
If a duplicate is detected, a red square icon flags it on the Status column.

Double-clicking the duplicate icon will provide the Vic.ai ID number of the duplicate invoice(s).

In addition, Vic.ai also checks for a duplicate at the point of posting. If that invoice already exists for bill.com, we will not post that bill and display an error message.

You can search for the duplicate(s) using the Filters feature. Search by invoice number and vendor to easily see all the duplicate invoices at once.

Hover over the checkbox to view the invoice ID number and confirm the correct invoice is selected. You can then merge or delete the duplicate invoice(s) as needed.

Duplicate Detection Video Walkthrough

Watch the video below to learn about Duplicate Detection.

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