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Duplicate Detection

Learn how duplicates are detected and quickly found for remediation.

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Updated over a week ago will help you to detect duplicate invoices upon ingestion into our system.

To determine if there is a duplicate, the system looks for an exact match on the following fields:

  • Document type (bill or vendor credit)

  • Vendor

  • Invoice number

  • Company* (*Specific to Group of Companies Configuration)

Blocked Actions

If there is a duplicate invoice, the following actions are blocked until remediation:

  • Starting an Approval Process

  • Approving/Rejecting an Invoice

  • Posting

  • Exporting

Finding and Remediating Duplicates

If a duplicate is detected, a red square icon flags it on the Status column. Double-clicking the duplicate icon will open a small menu explaining the error. Click View Duplicates in order to open up a new browser tab that is prefiltered for the duplicates, allowing for deletion, merging, or other corrective action.

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