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PO Matching Summary
PO Matching Summary

Overview of how leverages AI to autonomously match and process POs

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Updated over a week ago provides an AI-based intelligent 2-way and 3-way PO matching workflow. will match line items on invoices to Purchase Orders (PO) across multiple fields of data.

You can set acceptable tolerances, see perfect matches, as well as POs that require exception handling due to mismatches.

PO Matching Types

  • Two-way match

    • Between the PO and Invoice

  • Three-way match

    • Between the PO, Invoice, and Tracking Slip

  • Four-way match

    • To Be Announced Later!

Purchase Orders Tab

Find everything PO-related in the special section of, Purchase Orders. It works hand-in-hand with our existing Invoices section to code all associated PO expenses.

Here you'll be able to see all POs from your ERP, and see the:

  • PO status (open or closed)

  • Matching invoice(s) that fulfill a PO

  • Order details such as Item ID, UOM, Quantity, Amount, and Unit Price

Invoices Tab

Here you can see all invoices, including whether or not they've been matched to a Purchase Order, which is communicated by new icons in the Document Type column.

Invoice that matches a PO

Invoice with a partial PO Match

Errors such as a closed PO or no matching PO #

How Matching Works

In a perfect world, there is a one-to-one match between POs and Invoices. This is an imperfect world, so is here to assist you with all scenarios, such as:

  • Invoice fulfills one PO: One-to-one fulfillment

  • Invoice can fulfill multiple POs: Invoice fulfills multiple POs

  • Invoice can have Expense and PO Item Lines: Invoice contains both PO and normal expense items

  • Multiple Invoices to one PO: PO is fulfilled by multiple invoices

Matches are made between POs and Invoices by examining:

  • PO #

  • Vendor

PO Lines are matched to Invoice Lines on:

  • Item ID

  • Quantity

  • Amount

PO Matching Roles:

  • PO Requester: The creator of the purchase order and can be set as the mismatch approver.

  • PO Mismatch Approver: An approver who can approve or reject mismatched items that exceed the set tolerances.

Duplicate Remediation:

  • PO #

  • Vendor

PO Mismatch Flows

To determine how exact the PO Match must be, there is tolerance generator, allowing your Organization and Company Admins to decide how exactly much of a tolerance is required across different values.

The different triggers that can be combined are:

  • Vendor Name or Vendor Tags

  • Invoice Quantity, Unit Price, or Line Amount

Tolerance can be:

  • Exact

  • Off by a percentage of the PO value

  • Off by a specific number of the PO value

In addition, the tolerances can be different for Less Than or Greater Than the requested quantity or amount.

When an Invoice with PO Line Items exceeds the tolerance flows, you can initiate a bespoke approval process that will flow as designed, to a combination of:

  • PO Requester

  • Vendor Owner

  • PO Mismatch Approver

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