We know that managing the program creation process seems difficult at first, but with the help of the following guide, it becomes fairly easy. Just follow these steps and you will be able to get new volunteers for your volunteer program in no time. In this article, you will learn how to submit step 1 of your new volunteer program.

Submit a volunteer program - Step 1-5

How to submit a volunteer program - Step 1
How to submit a volunteer program - Step 2
How to submit a volunteer program - Step 3
How to submit a volunteer program - Step 4
How to submit a volunteer program - Step 5

Adding a new Volunteer Program

Basic Information and Program Location

  • Title - Think of an original name for your program. The title should not contain the words “volunteer”, “project” or “program”, the name of your city and it should fit your program of course. Please do not write in capital letters only.

  • Short Description - Describe your program in 1-2 sentences.

  • Program Location - Type in the address of your program and click the “Locate Address” button afterwards, so volunteers can get an idea of where your program is located. 

Category, Duration, Availability, and Suitability

  • Category - Choose the right category/subcategory combination for your program (e.g. Animal/Wildlife)

  • Duration - Select the number of weeks or days, which volunteers can stay. Please keep in mind that programs which involve working with children have to have a minimum stay of four weeks. That is our policy and we can’t make exceptions here.

  • Availability - Please select those months at which your project site is closed.

  • Suitability - Please check all the boxes for the groups that are welcome to your program.

Do you want to change details? No problem, you can edit your volunteer program anytime.

What's next: Please click on the “Create” button to move on to step 2.

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