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How to submit a volunteer program - Step 3
How to submit a volunteer program - Step 3
This article will lead you through step 3 of our submitting process and help you to gain knowledge about the various text fields.
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You are almost halfway through! In this article, you will learn how to submit step 3 of your new volunteer program.

Start the following video at 2 minutes 40 seconds to learn how to submit step 3:

Submit a volunteer program - Step 1-5

Minimum Age, Education Requirements, Other Skills and Time Commitment

  • Minimum Age - Volunteers need to be at least 16 years old to travel alone. Programs that involve working with children or hard physical work have a minimum age of 18 years!

  • Education Requirements - If volunteers need special education for your program, please select the education level and focus.

  • Other Skills - Do volunteers need specific skills to join your program apart from education? Please explain here.

  • Time Commitment - Please select the days that volunteers usually work at the program's site and ideally select an estimated time-frame.

  • Application Requirements - Programs that involve working with children need to have a criminal background check from their volunteers! Again, this is our company's policy and we can't make any exceptions. If you want to see other documents please list them in the designated box.

Language Requirements and Free Time Activities

  • Language Requirements - Please choose the required languages as well as the language level that your volunteers need to have.

  • Free Time Activities - Please select at least 3 activities volunteers can do in their spare time. Describe these activities as well as any additional activities in the description box below.

What's next: Please click on the "Update" button to move on to step 4.

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