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How to get Volunteer World's green badge of quality
How to get Volunteer World's green badge of quality

Read this article to learn about Volunteer World's green badge of quality and how you can get it.

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The number of volunteer organizations and volunteer programs has increased significantly in the past decade. There are thousands of volunteer opportunities and we know how difficult it is for volunteers to select a trustworthy and reliable volunteer organization. 

To take away this uncertainty among volunteers, the organizations offered on the Volunteer World platform are all thoroughly examined before they are published. This is why the quality of volunteer organizations and programs we cooperate with is very high, to begin with.  

Volunteer World's green badge of quality

On top of that, Volunteer World awards organizations that have proven to be very reliable on our platform. To indicate this, Volunteer World has developed the green badge of quality. 

This badge symbolizes 

  • High-quality communication

  • High-quality programs

  • Rapid Response

  • A measurable social impact

How to receive Volunteer World's green badge of quality?

In order to receive Volunteer World's green badge of quality, a volunteer organization needs to fulfill a set of our selection criteria. Volunteer World developed these selection criteria based on research and experiences with volunteer organizations and volunteers around the world. 

Volunteer World's green badge of quality examines if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • The organization has to meet all criteria of the gray badge of quality

  • A significant number of volunteers have been placed there through Volunteer World - This is necessary to guarantee that the social project has fulfilled all of the criteria below. 

  • High-quality communication - The social project sticks to Volunteer World's communication policies and communicates in a respectful and honest manner with interested volunteers and Volunteer World's management support team. The project always responds to volunteers’ questions with detailed answers. 

  • Rapid response - The social project responds to potential volunteers and Volunteer World's management support team within a max. 2-3 working days. 

  • High-quality project and program descriptions - The social project's mission, vision, goals, and social impact are clearly stated and the volunteer programs contain all necessary information.

  • A measurable social impact - The volunteer work done on social projects contributes to the fulfillment of one or more Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN

Do you think your volunteer organization deserves the green badge of quality?

Please contact or our live chat to gain further information. 

Please note that social projects and volunteer programs without our green badge of quality are also good choices to volunteer with. All social projects have already fulfilled the criteria to receive the gray badge of quality.

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