Below are a number of questions/issues that may get raised by your people when completing the survey.

Survey FAQ's

Q. When answering about my team, who is this referring to?

When we ask about team, we are talking about the people you work with on a day-to-day basis. This may include people you sit with in the office, or people in other departments that you are constant communication with. Answering about your team, is a chance for you to highlight any challenges within or in between groups of people you work with on a day to day basis.

Q. Is the survey anonymous?

This will depend on whether your organisation administrator has set the survey up as anonymous or not, so please contact your HR Manager or Survey Distributor to find out whether they have access to your individual scores or can only see the average scores for different teams.

Whether it is anonymous or not, the purpose of the survey is to help everyone have a better, more fulfilling time at work. It is not a test, and we are not trying to catch anyone out so please always answer as openly and honestly as possible so your organisation knows how they can best help you.

Q. I haven't received an email with my survey link.

A. Please check your spam/junk mail and search for emails from If you still cannot find your email please contact the survey owner who can resend it.

Q. I've received my email but the link isn't working.

A. In the survey invite is a hyperlink, and the full URL for your survey. If the hyperlink does not work, simply copy the full URL and paste it into your browser window.

Q. I accidentally deleted my survey invite email.

A. First of all, check in deleted items (if you have this) as you may be able to recover the email from there. Your survey owner can resend individual survey invites if needed. If automated reminders have been switched on, the person will continue to receive these with their survey link.

Q. A colleague hasn't received their survey email, can I just forward my email to them?

A. No, please don't do this. The survey link you receive is just for you and used to collate data relevant to your situation at work. Even where the results are anonymous, data such as the team you are in, or for example the length of time you have worked at your organisation may be included.

Q. I started the survey but it's saying 'you have already completed this page'. What does this mean?

A. Once you have passed through a survey page, you cannot go back and made any amends. Click on the 'Continue' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page to continue with your survey.

Q. I want to change some of the questions I answered, how do I do this?

A. The survey isn't a test and we have found from experience that your first answer is usually the most honest and realistic. Consider each question carefully before answering, once you have completed a page you cannot go back and edit your answers.

Q. During survey completion something went wrong and it's disappeared from my screen.

A. Simply click the link in your original email invite and you will be returned to the survey point you were previously at.

Q. How do I know for sure I have finished the survey?

A. You will receive a confirmation page to confirm the survey is completed, plus a subsequent email (if this was enabled at point of survey scheduling).

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