With our product portfolio of WeListen, WeCoach, WeLearn and WeDo there are a variety of common workplace and HR/Management challenges that we provide solutions to.

Implement, substitute or replace an annual employee survey

While we encourage our clients to conduct surveys throughout the year, WeListen is essentially an employee survey app, so it can replace your annual employee survey. A survey that can be adapted to ask further questions in problem areas, so you can get to the root of any issues – fast!

Get troubled teams back on top of their game

WeListen will help you get to the root of the issues in your troubled teams, but you also need to take action to make those improvements. WeCoach provides Line Managers with deeper insights that can help them have meaningful and powerful conversations in 1-2-1s with the team. WeDo helps them create action plans, track progress and report on improvements, giving you full visibility and accountability.

Focus 1-2-1s or staff appraisals to maximise their impact

Quite simply if you want to make improvements to your 1-2-1 or staff appraisal process you need all of our products to do that. You need to listen to your employees (WeListen), gain insight into deeper results to have meaningful and focussed conversations (WeCoach), have access to learning resources that relate to the issues raised (WeLearn) and monitor post survey activities and progress (WeDo).

Develop your line managers’ skills

Line managers are often promoted from within the business, which means they don’t necessarily have the skills and experience to manage a team. WeListen doesn’t just deliver survey results, it offers immediate actionable tips for line managers. WeLearn then offers further learning resources specifically chosen to match the issues highlighted in the survey results.

More common problems and solutions

  • Generate a report for an investor’s staff sentiment review

  • Understand the employee concerns to improve change management following rapid business growth

  • Optimise the employee journey from day one and beyondKeep more of your graduate, intern and trainees

  • Keep more of your graduate, intern and trainees

  • Reduce staff turnover and retain top talent

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