When running a WeThrive survey you can add custom questions, which are particularly useful if you want to ask about initiatives or projects specific to your organisation. 

When the survey closes, you can export the responses to your custom questions in an excel spreadsheet by following these steps: 

  1. Go to the Export menu. 

  2. From the Survey drop down, select the survey you'd like the responses from. 

  3. Click Custom Questions Data Download

  4. Your custom question responses should automatically download into an Excel spreadsheet.  

NOTE: You CANNOT download these responses until the survey has closed.

View custom question free-text comments from your Manager Dashboard

If you are viewing your Manager Dashboard, you can export the custom question free-text responses along with the rest of the team comments from the survey by:

  1. Going to Surveys > Dashboard (to get to your results)

  2. Click Export Comments

The spreadsheet will include any free-text comments left to WeThrive questions, and also any free-text comments left to your custom questions.

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