The number of people you need in a group to view the results will vary depending on your WeThrive survey settings - whether responses are anonymous or not.

Keep responses anonymous

If you choose to keep responses anonymous, to maintain anonymity, at least 4 people need to have completed the survey in a group to view their results. 

If less than 4 people in a group have completed the survey, their results will still be included in the overall results, but you will not be able to view that group's scores and comments separately. 

You can choose whether to keep engagement and pulse surveys anonymous or non-anonymous.

The Mental Health and DEEI surveys are both always anonymous due to the nature of the topics.

Make responses non-anonymous

If you choose to run your engagement surveys non-anonymously, there is no minimum number of completions required to view a group's scores. 

However, the comments always remain anonymous in both versions of the survey, so there will need to be 4 completions in a group to view these. 

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