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How to add custom questions to your account
How to add custom questions to your account

Create a library of custom questions that you can add to the end of your Engagement surveys

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You now have the ability to create a whole library of your own custom questions. You can then choose which ones you'd like to include at the end of each WeThrive survey you create.

View the short clip below which shows how to add custom questions to your account or follow the instructions underneath:

1. Hover over the Surveys tab and select Custom Questions. Here you can create new questions or delete old ones that you no longer need.

2. Select which type of question you want to add - Free-text or Sliding scale. In the example above we have chosen to add a Sliding Scale question.

3. Enter your question in the text box labelled Slider text.

4. Update the existing sliding scale labels (Never/Sometimes/Always) by typing your own labels into the 3 boxes. The scale gives you scores of 0-10 and in the example above we have replaced the labels with Very poor/-/Excellent.

(If you replace the labels, make sure you enter a new term in each box otherwise it will use the existing label. You can enter a '-' in the second box if you don't need a middle label.)

5. Click Add custom question.

6. Your question will now be available to add to surveys and will appear in the list under Custom questions available for surveys.

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