When creating a survey, you have two options you can choose to send a WeThrive survey or a pulse survey. But what's the difference?

WeThrive Survey

A WeThrive survey uses 16 standard questions and follow-on questions. There are 3 WeThrive surveys - Engagement, Mental Health and DEEI. You can view more info on each of these here.

The Results

When your WeThrive survey closes, you'll be able to view the results in the app via your survey dashboard. You'll have access to sets of recommendations and actions to help you act on feedback, plus the results can be filtered so you can analyse the results for different groups of staff and share specific team's results with your managers.

Pulse Survey

The pulse survey option allows you to ask your own set of questions. No WeThrive questions will be included and when setting up your survey, you'll be able to add and create your own set of questions (either free-text or sliding scale).

The Results

When your pulse survey closes, you'll be able to export the responses into a simple spreadsheet. Each row will represent an employee's set of responses.

If you are run the survey anonymously, no employee names are exported with the results, only details you have already added to the system about which Team, Location, Department, Unit & Manager group they belong to.

If you are running the survey non-anonymously, employee names will automatically be attached to each individual's set of responses.

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