What are custom reports?

Custom reports allow users to track survey results over time and benchmark results against others, internally & externally

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What is covered in this article?

Overview of the 4 custom reports that users can create to track/benchmark survey results.

Who is this article for?

Administrators, Executives & Managers

The custom report builder gives users the ability to create their own comparison reports and publish these to their own homepage, and to other user homepages. There are 4 types of report that can be created - find out more about each below.

For steps on how to create each of the below reports, click here.

Track overall survey scores over time

  • Line chart.

  • Track your overall engagement, mental health and DEEI score across multiple surveys.

  • Add comments to each point on the chart, visible to all users if published.

  • Plot all 3 survey types on one chart to view correlations between results.

  • Admins, Executives and Managers may be able to filter the report to view smaller segments of employees if available.

Track the 16 areas measured over time

  • Heatmap.

  • Track one survey type over time e.g. Engagement OR Mental Health OR DEEI.

  • View the areas measured & the variance in scores from survey to survey.

  • Admins, Executives and Managers may be able to filter the report to view smaller segments of employees if available.

Compare your team's scores to the organisation benchmark

  • Heatmap.

  • Compare your assigned team's scores to the organisation scores from one particular survey.

  • View the 'Variance' between your team's scores and the organisation scores.

  • Publishing this report to 'individual dashboards' allows users to view their own scores against the org benchmark on their 'Me' homepage.

Compare the organisation scores to industry and/or org size benchmarks

  • Heatmap.

  • Compare organisation scores to available WeThrive benchmarks including:

    • WeThrive average

    • Industry

    • Orgs of a similar size

    • Industry AND size e.g. Finance industry with 50-200 employees.

  • Use the filters to compare a smaller group of employees to the external benchmarks.

NOTE: The benchmarks available are dependent on how many other organisations have the same industry & org size set. If there are not enough completions in a particular industry and/or size, the benchmarks will not be available. Admins must set the org's industry and size in their "Settings" before these benchmarks become available.

Ready to get started? Click below for step by step guides on how to create these reports.

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