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Track Scores Over Time & Benchmark Results
Track Scores Over Time & Benchmark Results

Track the trend in scores over time, benchmark teams against the organisation and against industry/size external benchmarks

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What are custom reports?Custom reports allow users to track survey results over time and benchmark results against others, internally & externally
Create a custom report - track scores & benchmark resultsTrack survey results over time and compare results to internal & external benchmarks
How to share/publish custom reports with other usersPublish custom reports to other users allowing them to compare/benchmark their own results and/or their team's results
What results can users access when a custom report is published to their homepage?Understand the results that different user types can view when custom reports are published to their homepages
Can I edit a custom report and publish a new version?Update existing custom reports and re-publish to other user homepages.
How do I share the organisation survey results with other users to compare against?Publish an internal benchmark report to show users how their own/team scores compare to the organisation average.
Filter custom reports to track/benchmark a particular teamFilter your custom reports to track one group of employees over time, or compare them to the internal/external benchmark
How to track your own scores over timeTrack your own engagement, wellbeing & DEEI scores across multiple surveys
Compare your own scores to internal & external benchmarksCompare your own scores to your organisation's results, and to other organisations of the same industry/size.
Download your custom reportsDownload your trend and comparison reports as an image, PDF or CSV file.
How to delete a custom reportDelete a custom report and remove access to all users the report had previously been shared with