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Can I edit a custom report and publish a new version?
Can I edit a custom report and publish a new version?

Update existing custom reports and re-publish to other user homepages.

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How to update custom reports and publish new versions to other users

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Administrators, Executives & Managers

As you continue completing surveys over time, instead of creating brand new reports to track your scores, you can add recent surveys to custom reports you've already created and published.

Note: You can make edits to a particular report on your 'Custom Reports' page at any time and the changes you make will not be published to other users until you 'Publish' the new version of the report.

This means you can add new surveys to your custom reports to continue tracking the changes in scores and re-publish a new version of the report to your user homepages.

To edit an existing report and re-publish, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Surveys > Custom Reports.

  2. Find the report you'd like to edit and click on the pink paper & pencil icon in the right hand corner. This will open up a modal allowing you to edit the settings.

  3. Add new surveys, remove any you no longer want to include, or make any other changes required.

  4. Click Update chart. A new version of the report will be displayed on your Custom Reports page, however this new version WILL NOT be published automatically to those who have access to the old version. You can also change the 'Name' of the chart before re-publishing.

  5. To publish an updated version of the report to your users, click Publish underneath the report and select which homepages to publish to.

  6. Once saved, the report you had previously shared will be updated and displayed in your users' Trend Analysis sections on their homepages.

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